This weekend I finished up some code that I'd started a little while ago but hadn't had the chance to complete: a function, that can be used in the progressive enhancement style, for showing and hiding parts of a web page on demand.

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Firefox 3 released!

Congratulations Mozilla! Firefox 3 is out today.

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Installing Accerciser on Ubuntu 7.10

I recently installed the awesome Accerciser accessibility testing tool on Ubuntu 7.10. I installed the trunk version from subversion.

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Functions, closures, and objects: implementing a filter function in Scheme and Java

Continuing with the theme of functions and closures (Registering JavaScript object methods as callbacks, Python bound methods), I thought I'd have a look at the relationship between functions, closures, and objects. I'll build a filter, that returns elements from a collection for which a given predicate is true, in Scheme (a language with first-class functions and closures, but no objects), and in Java (a language with objects, but no first-class functions or closures.)

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Python bound methods

In my last post I looked at registering JavaScript object methods as callbacks. When we reference a JavaScript object method we get a function object, which is not bound to the object that it is retrieved from, and I looked at various approaches that one can use to bind a method to an object instance. I thought it might be interesting to have a look at Python's "bound methods" to see how Python facilitates passing around object method references.

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Registering JavaScript object methods as callbacks

The registration of callback functions is very common in JavaScript web programming, for example to attach user interface event handlers (such as onclick), or to provide a function to handle an XHR response. Registering an object method as a callback function is not entirely straightforward, but there are a number of approaches that we can use.

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xUnit Test Patterns @ XPToronto

Alistair McKinnell and Jason Cheong-Kee-You gave an excellent talk on xUnit Test Patterns at XPToronto last night. The presentation included a discussion of Gerard Meszaros's test philosophy framework.

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